Calaguas Island Tour – Safe and Secured way to the White Beach of Camarines Norte

4 Reason Why You Should go for Calaguas Island Tour instead of Boracay and Palawan

Enough with the explanation with the beauty of Calaguas Islands, much have  been said about its powdery white beach sand that is equal to the beach of Boracay Island, that the blue crystal water is comparable to the beaches of Palawan, and blah blah blah, yes that’s true nobody would contest it and i think even more than that.

calaguas island package Calaguas Island Tour   Safe and Secured way to the White Beach of Camarines Norte

Calaguas Island tour package 2 days 1 night


Those quality of Calaguas Island is useless if you won’t come here and experience the quality of life very closed the preserved nature of this island. Praising blogs and review of almost 99 percents of travel writer blogger speak for itself how to get to Calaguas islands can make anyone fall in love in this place. But what I give you below is the reason why you should know it more not in reading but in experience.

Docking at Calaguas Calaguas Island Tour   Safe and Secured way to the White Beach of Camarines Norte

Docking at Calaguas

1. Prices are Cheaper and Very Affordable

When it comes to quality of beaches they are almost equal, what this beach separate from them is of course the huge amount of money that you have to spend is almost six time lesser that the money you need to bring in Boracay or Palawan.  Say for instance, the price of Buko in Boracay is 100 pesos as the minimum price I saw when I went there, but in here, you can have it for a maximum of 25 Pesos, the very common is only 20 pesos.  Unlike in Boracay and in Palawan, the common prices for beer is 65 to 150 pesos.

I’ll tell you guys, I know a lot of you have already experience being hold-up in Boracay, not literaly but we have experience paying for a one shot of jaggermeiter for 250 pesos and one of my friend was shocked when he was served by steak that he had to pay for P1500 only to find out that the size is 3 times smaller than the picture on the menu showed him.  My friend ask us to just leave it and don’t pay but how could  we do that when we had already bitten our order of Hamburger to which the price was P375 and was already served earlier to us that steak.

DSC06425 Calaguas Island Tour   Safe and Secured way to the White Beach of Camarines Norte

Calaguas Island White Beach

2. Well Preserved Nature

How many times that Boracay has been mentioned in the media, tv news, internet about its waste problem. have you heard about the Algae “lumot”  the thing that regularly appear in the beach that nobody know what is?  well some says that, since a lot of hotel, restaurants and other establishment just floated in the island in early 90’s, and the government having no proper waste management disposal at that time.

That’s the reason why those strange thing exist, it is a mix of waste of all thousand of establishment and the people.  the waste has no where to go than to follow the sea level of the island that later turn into “lumot” that gave headache to the people. Because they try to remove it from the water and put it somewhere, it it begins to rot or decayed and the smell spread over the island.  as of of now the tourist has a choice but swim with the water of lumot.

Calaguas Islands is still exotic up this time, this is because the government has made resolutions to protect the environment of the island.  they learned what happened to Boracay and they would allow this to happen to this island.

IMG 3547 Calaguas Island Tour   Safe and Secured way to the White Beach of Camarines Norte

Calaguas Island White Beach

 3. Not Crowded

The Island is not a crowded place, unlike in other beaches where every place you go there’s a lot of people that you have to mix with.  personally for me its not a problem because sometime more people more fun, but honestly, this  Island is not like that because the place is so huge and the tourist are few specially if you plan to come here during week days.

But for those who are seeking of peace and tranquility and you want to enjoy the serenity of nature with a few of your friends and family, well this is the best for you. you can choose any place you want for meditation that no want disturb you.

4. Close to Manila

Calagaus is part of  luzon, it is located in the first province of Bicol in Camarines Norte under the jurisdiction of the town of vinzons.  Calaguas is near in Daet, this is where the terminal is located.  Such the case, the place is accessible by a common transportation of bus or any land vehicle.

Though it is up to you if you want to fly by plane, the nearest working airport from calaguas island is in Pili, Camarines Sur, it is a few kilometers away from Naga City. so when is close to manila, that means less expenses from you if you are from manila of course.