Calaguas Island Tour Package 2015

Why we have the best Calaguas Island Tour Package 2015?


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why choose us among many of other tour organizer in town? what is our edge? first thing is, and is owned and operated by the former Municipal Tourism Officer itself of LGU-Vinzons who happened to be the Municipal Accountant also, Mr. Noly Pajarin. So if you are dealing with us, you are dealing with most right persons in the local government of vinzons. but the primary reason why you should consider us for your next vacation in calaguas island are the following:

1. You are safe and secured We will not risk your life, we give high priority in safety of our guests, we are constantly monitoring the weather forecast even in summer, so we automatically cancel the tour whenever we know that there is danger in pursuing it. Though it can not be notice immediately, but our boat are specially made with high materials that can accommodate a lot of passengers built with high impact resistance for wave. Wearing of life vest during boat travel is must for our guests that’s why we can say that you can travel safely with us.

2. No advance payment We are the only organizer, who do not accept payment in advance. You can cancel your booking anytime without the worry of money not to be refunded because there is nothing to returned. However we request our guest to inform us immediately whenever their supposed booking date will not be possible to avoid more expenses and inconvenience to us, and for us to accommodate other guests.

Docking at Calaguas Calaguas Island Tour Package 2015

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3. No hidden charges Unlike the other tour organizer, they would not tell you that you have to pay cottages when you get to the island that price ranges from P600 to P1200 pesos. they would not tell you also that if you wish to go for Island hopping it will cost you another P2,500 for the boat, they would not tell you also that you will pay also for snorkeling and trekking. Those features are free for us and you dont have to pay for anything.

4. Delicious food We can boast that our food is delicious not because of how we present it, or how we set up the table for you, but because our menu itself is preferably sea foods that we will serve you on the assigned free cottage for you. you don’t need to be inline just like a refugee waiting for ration. you can enjoy the 4 meals from the start until you depart. These are the reasons they we haveĀ best calaguas island tour packageĀ 2015, for more info check our other website: